“Hello internet”

to use the catch phrase by performance artist de jour Hennessy Youngman.

Social media prevails again since I followed up on a post by my partner’s assistant last year asking Henny aka AKA to be my friend on FB. He accepted so I have been able to follow this great bourgeoning ARTIST give his ‘hip hop’ perspective on the art world. I am a LOVER of laughter and sharp wit so it has been so fun to share Hennessy’s videos with friends who get the joke. His latest video


is an open call to the internet curating for art for his part in The Family Business virgins show.

Could be fun to make ARTISTS out of the friends and the kiddies, I’m encouraging all to submit.

A few days ago my partner who is a historic conceptual ARTIST and bad boy got me into a photo exhibition/ group show, Collateral Event, for Massimo Minini Gallery  held during Frieze NY which to me seems like an open call type gig if they so easily accepted me as an ARTIST.

Actually who really cares, like Hennessy is professing we are all ARTISTS~ so lets focus and collaborate!

I’m going to submit this one to Hennessy

and this to Minini Collateral Event

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