The Temper Trap

I was given tickets for tonight’s The Temper Trap show at the Bowery Ballroom. I don’t know if I can go~

I’m a MOTHER after all…

The LOVER in me is up for a show that most people this MOTHERs age have never heard of however the MOTHER in me wishes I’d been given tickets for tomorrow or better yet Friday’s show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. That is my favorite venue to see shows and its quite local.

Great venues surround, House of Vans is now just outside the window.

My neighborhood brings out the LOVER in me!

Cut to Mar 29: (the next day)

I just got back from fishing in Social Media and reeled in a photo of the set list from The Temper Trap from a friend who obviously attended the show. I miss going to shows with this friend, she taught me about the pursuit of set lists which adds alot to the experience of being a LOVER of certain live acts.

More on Local Venues Update-

I just came across the news on Brooklyn Vegan about the new Williamsburg concert summer stage area. It is moving out of the park that has been the subject of 2 projects I made for onestar press in the form of ARTIST books years before the Williamsburg Waterfront area coincidentally became a go to spot for LOVERS.

East River park in 1999

The concert stage is moving a block or so closer to the very spot that is my headquarters. OMG I just turned my head and it is my very view from my window, just beyond House of Vans…the real LOVERS sit on the fire escape with me!

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