Thanks internet

Thanks internet for getting me out of my Hennessy funk and into Harmony Korine. If you haven’t seen it yet watch this collaboration he made with Proenza Schouler cuites Jack and Lazaro as well as some fine fine girls from Nasshville TN, who are the film’s protagonists. Also take note of the project that PS did with HS.

I have always regarded Harmony as real ARTIST. He made K.I.D.S. in Robin Tunneys apartment which was one floor above mine on Avenue A and Houston at the time. We were K.I.D.S. LOVERS. We asked Chloe and Rosario to model for HS Strenese fashion show, which was one of the first collaborations between contemporary ARTIST and fashion house. They were like 14 at the time and we would have needed to pay chaperones to accompany them to Milan so we bailed on the idea.

I loved the Harmony Chloe couple and I dig the integrity of ARTISTs who take risks.

I saw Harmony once with JOE BRADLEY / at his MOUTH AND FOOT PAINTING show at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise. I guess they are friends~ 2 cool ARTIST~ dudes why not.

I read here that Harmony makes ads now and has a baby.

Being a Daddy makes LOVERs out of men.

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