My Neighbor The Whythe Hotel

D A M N Is alls I can say here.

There has been this quiet grace yet rock star to the transformation renovation of the building that is now The Whythe Hotel.

This MOTHER has been saying to herself for the last few years how she wants to be a part of what was happening because it just felt cool and right. I saw it all from my studio window~ unknowing who was behind it all.




Lucky me it was Andrew and Kate Tarlow fixing it up to perfection and that the only place I really ever go is to Marlow and Sons which they own.

The LOVER in me went to The Whythe Hotel to have drinks on one of the first nights it had begun its soft openings instead of going to see Miike Snow.


I was unsure of how to open the front door but once inside I felt welcomed for sure. The downstairs bar claims to be always open! and its a grand loft space the ceilings themselves show that the renovation is as authentic as possible.


Andrew Tarlow himself gave me a ride up the amazing elevator to the bar and terrace room situated inside the glass box an a higher floor. The paint still wet I’m sure all will be perfect when this goes public in a few days.




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