Smorgasburg -“BI”ennial


My son has mandated one rule upon his MOTHER ~  not to leave the neighborhood on weekends. Why should we really, We live on the waterfront on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint which means one thing and one thing only come spring~ SMORGASBURG on Saturdays. This Saturday we headed over for our usual Smorg fest but also because we knew our favorite city joint Miss Lily’s and family were premiering their booth.


They crushed it with the tent and tables, live radio show and the whole posse in full effect. Saturday was day 6 of my juice fast so I was a proud observer.

Sunday being a good MOTHER I got my son a playdate so he wouldnt have to endure the Whitney Bi-ennial outing that his parents were going on. When we arrived there was a que for tickets but we managed. K8 Hardy was having a performance and it was “sold out” which was basically away to create a buzz around the event. We stood in line and chatted with friends until we were permitted inside of the peformance space which was the 4th floor of the museum. It was set up like a fashion show and that is indeed what we witnessed.

The clothes and Wigs were incredible, I didn’t like some of the models shoes just because they were too average but thats a minor detail. K8 is a great designer I could almost see myself wearing the Blazer made of bras…

That said the “Bi-” ennial dealt with the subtle body of Transgender identity.

K8’s work as well as a curious project curated by Gober (about a reclusive artist- Forest Bess~ who once got super drunk and tried to cut a vagina into his penis to receive another penis in that gash ) 
were the lightbulbs to my theory on the overarching theme of the show. I have recently fallen deep for Nicole Eisenman’s new paintings so I was glad to see them in the “BI”ennial.
I’m so thrilled to keep running into her on the subway~ in the zone of the off duty MOTHER . Psyched for her show opening at Leo Koenig on Thursday.  I’m gonna hit the party after MOTHER duties of class parent nite. Also wanted to shout out to the always dope always deep Liz Deschenes 

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