the throne has the same proportions as a boxing ring

I am so glad the other Gwen got me back to N*ggas in Paris.

I was there (in Paris in April) too just not directly on stage with the illuminati.

I wanted to write about the exhibition La Triennalle and my experience of being  in Paris as it related to this art exhibition which for me was all about being a N*gga in Paris.

I have been that many times: a Black Person in Paris and I was always alone, really I had only ever met one black person in Paris (a sexy teenager who is now a rapper video coming) I was so happy to have my son with me this time to be plural.

La Triennial was brilliant because race became the ARTISTic focal point too true to be critical of. Most of the art dealt with the idea of other and looking at the culture of the other. It was a great way to show the French or the white majority that our lives, all lives are rich with culture heritage and integrity.

Intense Proximity in other words~ “if you escaped what I escaped youd be in Paris getting f*cked up too”

As far as I’m concerned~

Okwui Rocked it.

Terry Adkins and Thomas Hirschorn too!
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