Atha Yoganushasanam

I missed it, Jois New York 2012 [< please click the link & watch the Sharath and Saraswathi video that wont post to my page]

I was *being who I am* in Paris when Sharath and Saraswathi came to NYC for one day, one morning only of Ashtanga Yoga .

The video made me a touch regretful but I let that go because it also illustrates why I am an ashtanga LOVER. Since I missed out this time I thought I’d post a picture of a previous participation with Sharath in New York (a LOVER yes~ and still I’ve never been to India)

and me with Saraswathi in NYC

Which reminds me of how come I am too shy? or humble? to ask my teacher to take a picture of us together. Something gave me the gumption to get photographed with the other senior teachers that I studied with at the confluence. + I got cured of so many ailments there.

In the subsequent photos following taken on different days both Richard and Tim are giving me pressure points on my spine excactly where it was out of whack!

Thanks to Nancy I’ve omitted unassisted backbends. Noah also recognized my pain just from sitting down next to him. Mary Taylor rearranged my Urdhva Mukha Svanasana. I am so much better*

*(by better I mean, getting closer to a pain free body). Thank you teachers.

barry silver’s ganesha buy the tshirt!

Iman? And Bowie!!
Not me and my teacher

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