The Black Belly

Wow its Officially summertime in New York City for this MOTHER!

Inspired by tiger MOTHERs I am vowing to instill order and get my son’s participation sticking with non-summer rules regarding reading and putting limits on screen time, my son’s one true addiction.

Speaking of screen time the somnambulist in me ventured out late friday night to catch a flick at NiteHawk Cinema  cause I read that TundeRyan Sawyer, and Grey Gersten were going to be performing the score of “The Black Belly of the Tarantula”  Live. I was way too tired but the LOVER in me showed up a few minutes after the film began. I watched facinated by each element as if in a dream. Sensing the end of this strange but amazing film with subtitles I carried myself out of the theater and home to sleep with out being seen.

my tunde from newspaper - letterman

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