Paia Maui by Govinda Kai.
I am currently organizing forces to get the family in this very spot for the last 2 weeks of August.

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus internet. I really have been thinking about you. You do not know how many times this summer this MOTHER has thought to herself… I should do a blog post about that, but the kapha or stone like resistance to produce anything has won out over expression. Right now this MOTHER is presented with so many opportunities, so many choices, so many directions.  The Universe is open to it and my heart shines easily. Life experience in summer is about abundance. At the same time this MOTHER has learned the necessity~ to preserve that energy for when times turn colder. Fire inside stokes my true nature to put the effort out to come alive this time: the MOTHER becomes the LOVER her life is that of the ARTIST.

a list so far of summer inspiration: starting last night and going back~

~The Dirty Projectors...last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg and the week before being able to watch them rehearse at the House of Vans.

~AMMA in New York now at the Javitz Center for the first time. Giving space and an art fair like aura to this spiritual outlet of benevolence. Amma always reminds me that magic happens when you open your heart and give love.

~Visits from friends.

Connecting with Giasco and Kyle. Always helps one grow as a person to unite with old friends and new soul mates.  Meeting great writers like Jamie Brisick,  great artists like Tunde Adebimpe and Jaleel Bunton and being able to call them friends. Cruising at Pilgrim and Zebulon. Looking for JJ Veronis sculptures and the illusive man himeslf.

On top of it all I have a  feeling that my old friend Marcus is coming to town. I would love to see him again. I feel the energy in making these connections, solidifying friendships in the present tense. Face to face time.

~Leanne Shapton’s book Swimming Studies

~Getting glasses and coming to terms with the changes inside my body

~Beginning to get an understanding of Ayurveda (and the bandah’s) and joyfully accepting what life gives me. (Thanks Lara, Amy, Paige, Jocelyn  for helping me with this and alerting my eyes to the devine feminine) Recognizing this as the key to my happiness.

 ~Helping my son develop into a healthy happy person and understand the pure goodness that he has inside himself. Most people struggle with evil within, he is so lucky that he doesnt yet have this affliction.
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