Progressively Progressive


This summer has certainly been a coming of age for this MOTHER.

It seems so many of us are evolving and transforming at an accelerated pace.

I am happy that my changes have been about liberation and letting go of results and outcomes! It is not an easy practice but it is so rewarding to stay resilient and continue to experience life as a joy.

Coming of my age some people will refer to it as a midlife crisis…

Im a true LOVER and refuse to attach negativity to this or any other phase of my blessed life.

Even though it might appear that nothing is particularly going “my way”  I choose to be progressively progressive turning my glasses upside down~ in this case~ so I can stare into my screen and see my reflection?

hey~ I like the idea of a series of self portraits taken via skype /video protocol communications~ vibing off Deepak and his eloquence about using this web/ world network to elicit creativity and to reach heightened self awareness.

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