Hard to pronounce rock show

Yes I went to @catalpanyc on Randals Island. Speaking of Odysseys, we took 2 ferries there. On the way back we walked over a footbridge to Harlem, took the 2nd ave bus down to the L train. I walked home. I gave it the the old college try because I’m a LOVER.

TV on the Radio were nearly headlining.


We got there to get center stage for Hercules and Love Affair who were amazing




At approx 7:45 tvotr took the stage It didnt seem like they played a full set. I didnt get a set list either but I wrote down the set list myself.

Young liars

Dancing shoes

Golden age


Second song *-now I think I was wrong It was Caffeinated Consciousness

Will do



I just want to say here again @TVontheRadio I love you guys so much you are my favorite ARTISTs by any means necessary


I am slightly telepathic with the band as you can see= as I headed out in one direction for the show my path crossed = with Tunde and his wife. They were headed the opposite way but our destinations were the same…




ps. as I’m posting this I’m watching the Olympics for the first time actually ~ and I’m hearing a recognizable jingle on the advertizement. Its //will do// and Jay Z and I see Budweiser. I hope that this summertime the living is easy brothers. I ask the universe for success and ease of life for everyone especially for the LOVERs






Nothing wrong with the Black Keys who were good but we all know where my allegiances lie when it comes to my favorite band. Plus my camera/phone ran out of batteries right after the TVOTR set.



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