Nesta 9 Mile and me

When this MOTHER graduated from college her MOTHER took her and her sisters on a vacation to Jamaica. I a fresh young dread, MOTHER realized I was on a spiritual path and as is her style she did not want me to approach my Rastafarianism, or anything else for that matter, in a 1/2 assed fashion. So she afforded my sisters and I a trip to Ocho Rios.

Ann and Jill on the balcony Ocho Rios Jamaica Dec. 1990.
one of the only images I printed before loosing my negs.

She and I grew unsteady at the thought of endless days by the pool or ocean side getting hit by volley balls and listening to any kind of music redone in into a reggae version. We were on a journey of self discovery. First we went to Negril and got a massage on the beach, then I swam out to talk privately with some fisherman, the next day we made the pilgrimage to Nine Mile~ the birthplace and grave site of Robert Nesta Marley. We hired a driver~  every person at every stop we made warned us that he was the cops, ‘Govn’r got us around the island though, and he was a good guide for that. It was magical in 9 Mile. I received many a raised fist on the way up the mountain. Gov said it was cause I resemble the family somewhat so people just assume…  If I remember correctly Bob is entombed inside of his birth house which seems genius to me~ if you still have access to your crib why not go back to rest there forever. I took many images at this time, black and white negatives that I later began printing and soon after lost track of. Yes I can now admit openly that I lost my Jamaica negatives in the dark rooms of ICP, when it was on 94th st. Oh nostalgia~ I remember I used to be so broke and it must have been very tangible; this church lady who would usually ride the bus downtown would sometimes offer me a few dollars. NYC true LOVER through thick and thin.

Anyway I’ll never forget Jamaica. A few nights ago I was watching the new Bob Marley Documentary and musing a current fantasy of being a Rock  (and Roll) photographer. I’m sure there are copy rite issues here but it sure was fun.

Enjoy the slide show and I’ll get back to the writing on Jamaica, youth and formation, and lost pictures.

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