STEINBACH of the times

I just wanted to take a moment to give some recognition to someone who I don’t really address too much in my online forums, but it goes with out saying that I am very lucky that the ARTIST chose me as a “Partner”/ LOVER,  as we both are equally opposed to husbandry . But luckiest for me for him to have had my back for going on 20years.

Not that he ever lacked relevancy- but it seems like everyone is catching up to him at the moment.

I decided to do this blog post after catching up with him in some recent press and attending a hot shit lecture on him by Johanna Burton.

The post is actually me illustrating the 3 feature articles I just read and a shout out to  The Artist Institute for focusing their spotlight on HAIM STEINBACH this time.

Starting with the ART IN AMERICA interview by Steel Stillman: 

then the really cute FROG photo feature:

and finally the most recent BOMB interview by Peter Schwenger:

I would love to find the Banier photo from a few years back and include it here but then I would be going outside the scope of the post.

Anyway I just wanted to acknowledge and express gratitude for I am ever grateful for the freedom and the trust, in our differences, and for the part, like great art, that cannot be described in words

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