If you have an itch you are supposed to scratch

A few weekends ago this MOTHER was cruising Williamsburg as I have been known to do for the past 18 years when I walked passed the box office of Music Hall of Williamsburg. I’ve said it before that ~ MHOW is my favorite place in all of New York to see a show. The LOVER in me loves the intimacy of it and the art of becoming a regular or at least a familiar presence to this great stage that I can walk to and see my friend-hero-legends perform. One never knows when you can use LOVERs tactics to ones advantage and gain access to a sold out show for example. In this case I saw ahead of time that Lee Scratch Perry was going to be playing and it was not sold out. Tickets were a LOVERs bargain price of $25 cash no fee which I happened to have. Ticket purchased and stored in wallet til the Sunday night of the show.



Putting my being a LOVER aside, lets just say that Lee was magical ~ LEGENDARY even
Red headed beard and hair dyed he was captivating onstage at no more than 5 feet tall perhaps ~

legendary performance outfit man . Dig

Heres to spirituality in my music and shout out to Reverend Vince et. al. (Tony J, J Massicus,TVOTR, kirtan singers and all artists taking it to another level)

Fall weather and some dental work have taken me out of the game for a few weeks. I’m back in.

ps. riffing and promoting on the insincere health advice and title of this post—– if you are interested in meeting with a real ayurevedic doctor / scientist and have an hour free on tuesday afternoon and  $75  contact me to set up a visit with my dear friend Kyle Roberts. He’s coming here after a visitation workshop in Sag Harbor, after the Tim Miller retreat at Tapovana Yoga Sag Harbor to see new clients. I am arranging this and we have  2 – 3 more slots on Tuesday Oct 9.

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