Cali Dude


Wow I am a born again LOVER! I am still feeling the Timothy Leary like effects of the mind fuck/ the Tim Miller Workshop at Taponova ~ more accurately the past weekend was way way beyond the crass so let me re~phrase –

it was more of a mind “make love” session than a mind “fuck” session.

Tim is a magician in making you realize that it’s going to be ok without letting you cheat…or realize the fear that you initially thought would prohibit your body from doing what he asked it to do. One has to be very strategic when they choose cheating as an option even if it’s just for a second.



Practicing with Tim on an east coast beach this time brings me back to Cali.


I’ll take this opportunity to say that it is so amazing to practice yoga with out my dreadlocks. As Tim recognized there is less tapas. I can feel that there is less to worry about and it makes it that much easier to let go…..







It was a blessing to be able to have my free time be spent pursuing the eternal cause because next Friday this MOTHER is getting back to biz. I have joined the Pilgrim family~ yes I’m going back to work ~part time/ at times when I’m not with River or at yoga.

Pilgrim Surf + Supply is on N3 and Berry and I’ll be cruising there as of this Friday.


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