Ayurveda and Libra Lovers

Boy do those doshas really flare up when the seasons change. For this MOTHER no transition is harder than fall into winter. Coming off of the high of summer’s end then the little lords 8th birthday, followed by a quick smashing into a retrograded mercurial situation that is my own life.




Through self study I can keep a smile and realize what a blessed existence I have. Not that it’s easy but somehow I manage to stay afloat and move forward with positive intention.

Perhaps the blows are a little softer because it seems there are so many Libras that I love. I have the desire to give you all the deepest love possible as I am a MOTHER of a Libra born from a Libra MOTHER.

Give love
Stay clear and warm despite the storm.

eat soup

drink honey and warm milk



(Congrats to my people in the hood for the success they have in their lives and my joy in being able to take part in the ride. ~ Saltie, Marlow, Diner original patron! + AshBox)

Speaking of storms and planet action.

River has written his last 2 songs about such inclimate weather.

take a listen



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