Learn by example / decafinated unconsciousness

20121216-174111.jpgHey Internet I have been away from you for over a month but I have been

mentally blogging = living.

Don’t worry in the blogosphere we can go back in time.

And we shall.

I want to start with last night.

Being first and foremost a MOTHER, I took my son to see our favorite ARTIST, Tunde Adebimpe, perform at a benefit for a hydroponic roof garden classroom for  public school 84~ around there his whole life River has used the playground, took his first steps etc. so we were happy to support and get some LOVER exposure.

River’s style of making music has organically evolved into the way Tunde makes music so I wanted to give River the opportunity to see how this translated to a live performance. River was very impressed I think Tunde really enjoyed meeting River.




So to further deepen the ideals of MOTHER LOVER ARTIST that I practice and hope that I am instilling, River found the only video on my phone included by fate in a download of Caffeinated Consciousness~ he studied it, learned the lyrics and how to cover a song on GarageBand.

Watch TV on the Radio and see how they captivated River flying upon carpets and speaking Arabic. Then listen to  River covering Caffeinated Consciousness quite well.

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