Festivals of the Mind

Musicians are my favorite ARTISTs right now this MOTHER is not shy about that. The music LOVER in me has been noticing a trend of music festivals. I was desperate to go to all tomorrows parties in Camber Sands UK, a curated festival that has been around for a number of years held at a seaside resort an hour outside of London. I wanted to go my favorite band  TV on The Radio’s curated weekend. Travel to London to not quite risk everything but put it all on hold for a few days. See Dark Dark Dark// also known as my 4th favorite band// De La Soul Shabazz Palaces, of course TV on the Radio and all of the side bands emanating from them. Hang in an upgraded campground in close proximity to the ARTISTs and drag it out over a long weekend, it would have been legendary in a worlds collide kind of way. But as the days passed, the actual ARTISTs prepared to go and eventually went to take care of business. MOTHERLOVERARTIST failed to attain liftoff.

I decided to use my imagination and look for experiential snippets of the whole experience via the social networks on my computer at home. I got to thinking… I should look at my life as an ongoing festival of music and art. Why in fact in the weeks before and after I had managed to see my favorite band perform in various iterations that it became rather obvious.


TV on the Radio at BAM during my birthday week at Crossing Brooklyn Ferry a festival curated by the Dessner Brothers of The National //also known as my third favorite band. I got to see Tunde’s new band  plus The Roots, Japanther, ( I had to skip the middle night which I regretted doing but my first reality is MOTHER).


Rain Machine at Union Pool was announced a few nights later. IMG_8130

Then Tunde played a solo set at The West to celebrate their renovation. IMG_8207

That was a darn good week of pursuing the heights of my favorite ARTISTs.

plus I also managaed to watch 4 hours of The National playing one song “sorrow” for 6 hours at PS1.


me at sorrow

Then there came the Great Googa Mooga.


According to my father this is a reference to a racial slur in a Charlie Chan Movie but come with me on the festival of the mind to the deep middle of Prospect Park. Give me some glueten free vegan food and The Flaming Lips and my 2nd favorite band The Yeah Yeah Yeahs on a perfect evening, that was so magical and transformative in the stillness of the air and the exhilaration and passion of Brian Chase on drums.


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