Lost in the Countryside

MOTHER superior mode that I am on we spent our last hours in London in search of a pirate ship and an amazing park for kids. We trudged along for 2 hours across a massive countryside of Hyde Park until we finally found the queue to enter. We had just enough time to get stuck in the mast before black cabbing it back to the gallery in time for the ride to the airport where we were               deVirGINized!

Back to NYC for the night then onward to our karate dojo weekend at Camp High Rock in the Berkshires. Country all the way to Marblehead Mass to Martha’s Vineyard, and Seeconk too, but finally River had enough with country for a while til LA.

Lost in London was just the beginning.

IMG_1158IMG_1159     IMG_1166


IMG_1164  IMG_1163 IMG_1162


IMG_1167 IMG_1175



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