POSTCARD FROMWALKEREVANSCOLLECTIONThus begins the historically difficult time of summer winding down and transitioning and transforming itself into fall and continuing the cycle of life and evolution for a life LOVER or hater for that matter. A few weeks ago when it wasn’t even August 1st and I was on Martha’s Vineyard cruising my old stomping ground, I remembered that in the 70s Nancy Shaver, Haim’s delicious then LOVER and one of the greatest ARTISTs and friends on the planet, audited Walker Evans classes at Yale while Haim was getting his MFA. I knew that Nancy and Walker became friends. He took her polaroid: DP62499

and I vaguely remember her telling me that she went on trips with him to Martha’s Vineyard (and New England) to assist him. So when I was cruising around MV I was thinking alot about these moments between Walker Evans, Nancy Shaver, and Haim Steinbach, about relationships between different people that exist individually within each partnership. Haim and Walker didn’t know one another but Haim didn’t come between Nancy and Walker’s experience.

These were pre Facebook days.

I have decided to take a hiatus from Facebook to attempt to more purely reflect on my own thoughts. Its difficult for a mind like mine to keep up with everyone and still keep up a high level of openness and quality in my own life.

Since analyzing existing patterns and ARTISTs who came before me is what I do, I wanted to put something together, a mash up so to speak of Walker Evans Martha’s Vineyard images and my own specific to Oak Bluffs (the town where I grew up summering and ) where my MOTHER lives today, and where Walker took Nancy to explore and make art.

In researching I found a set of images Walker Evans made on the Vineyard in 1931. Nancy and Walker went in the 70s. These would be polaroids.




My own personal story of Martha’s Vineyard is about freedom love, coming of age and finding my identity.

No matter how long I stay away I am always charmed by the sense of being at home it brings upon my return.

IMG_1543 walker-evans-oak-bluffs-marthas-vineyard-ma IMG_1555
DP272440-1 IMG_1748 PH1074 IMG_1745 PH1136-1 IMG_1735

3_203_7Uq5wPVpFS-324x324 IMG_1660




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