If you build it they will come

This MOTHER‘s son is a Lego LOVER which includes Legoland love. This time we hit Legoland Cali and we like it better than the FLA version. One reason is that the Cali one is in San Diego and we kind of lived in San Diego until a few years ago so it’s like a 2nd home. Legoland as a form of Mecca on this quest to connect face to face. Real time rather than on Facebook is really satisfying. Magic happened this time when we ran into friends making Legoland and life “a lattice of coincidence that lays on top of everything” – its a repo man quote.
I am going to do a visual thesis on Legoland. In Fla I was very happy with my Starwars ARTISTry but this time I did a series of portraits.

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