Seems Like Old Times…

Seems Like Old Times… or was it Foul Play: the opening credits of a Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase classic 70s film. As soon as I found myself on the other side of the tunnel in Santa Monica headed up the coast to our Malibu Canyon Beach House that this MOTHER rented for the last week of summer vacation it popped into my head. Turns out the film is Ready to Take a Chance Again and the bit of Highway is in Northern California:

MOTHER and son really enjoyed our holiday.

Besides going to the Fuck Yeah Festival, I tried to do it for the most part off of Facebook and with the open heart of connecting with the people who would be there for me regardless of if social media were invented.

I also thought it important as a MOTHER to have my son befriend my friends children and connecting with my nephews seemed to also be an important goal.

Mostly just waking up everyday in the extremities of nature on the side of a cliff perched above the Pacific Ocean to inspire our minds and bodies. Looking closely at the clouds and the cacti and attemping satisfaction with what we have and that is ourselves.


IMG_2935 IMG_2922 1 IMG_2858 1 IMG_2847 1 IMG_2837 1 IMG_2723 1 IMG_2612


IMG_2445 1
IMG_2450 1 IMG_2451 1 IMG_2491 IMG_2517 IMG_2518 1 IMG_2519 1 IMG_2568 1

IMG_2913 1 IMG_2573IMG_2739 1 IMG_2751 IMG_2752 IMG_2792 IMG_2795 IMG_2834 1

IMG_2912 1

CLOSE UPSIMG_2919 1 IMG_2836 1


IMG_2449 1

IMG_2734 1 IMG_2870 1 IMG_2871 1

IMG_2875 IMG_2904 1 IMG_2907
IMG_2736 1 IMG_2620 1 IMG_2525 1 IMG_2483

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