The Message continues live

Today was the official first day of school in the city.

The day my son started kindergarten this MOTHER consciously started writing a novel using found and usually paint written text and images pasted and adverted and usually subverted if not overtly sexual. Haim says the technique part of the ARTIST thing that I do is looking and paying attention to the point of hearing this collective generational voice.  And so often when I am taking these photos I’m thinking the thought and then I see the image, the word, the next page of The Message a graphic novel by Gwen Smith which still continues live on Tumblr.

(My son started 4th grade last week). Even now as a MOTHER, I still love the old basketball slang, “you better kiss your mama at the bus stop because I’m taking you to school!”

Then comes September 11th and all these days of perfection marred by elections and memories of what could happen and what did before and then official fall  under the sign of Libra which means River’s birthday and so many high powered folks that I am aware and in awe of.

But today I present you with this message which is a poem unto itself collectively and a toast to organic harmony.

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