Loosing ~The Message~ to Forever 21 TShirts

The Message was a collection of iphone photos that I have been shooting almost daily for the past 3 years.  There was a time the messages were flowwing, now they seem to have stopped cold. If I had to put a clock to  it ~my kind of message went out with occupy wall street. The messages now are not really about being a LOVER.  As an ARTIST  (and a human being) the LOVER’s life is what I’m trying to convey.

I do believe in the OCCUPY movement dont get me wrong.

Just the other day I shared a juice at the epicenter of juice LOVERs- Miss Lilys/ Melvins Juice Box– with a fellow occupy-er-. He was sporting a jaunty head band/ police tape with ‘occupy’ printed in all caps on the yellow plastic strip.

(Bad ARTIST I didnt photograph him)

But I got assurances the occupy-ers are continuing.

I got a kick ~in a perverse kind of way~ out of the dump of dump didnt you?

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